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Welcome to the Las Vegas & Henderson Area!  



I enjoy helping my clients solve unique challenges. 

I’m patient and good in negotiation.

Please contact me when you are selling or buying your next house!

I’ll work hard to earn your Trust.  Thank you!  Kumiko


Thinking about Selling or Buying 

your next house?​

Reasons Why You Should Hire a ​Professional.

1. Local Knowledge 

1. The agent understands the local market and trend. The agent can help you to understand what's going on in the area and neighborhood. Then, you can prepare the things to do next.

2. Experienced Agent

2. You should ask if the agent should have experience selling real estate and representing sellers and Buyers. Real estate market is changing. Experienced agent can navigate the real estate trans action better.  

3. Certifications

3. Do you know some agents invest their time for the extra training to improve their skills? You should ask what training they have done. 

These Single Family Homes, Townhomese, Condos, & Hotel Condos were sold by Kumiko 

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