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Thanking about Buying your next house?

Summary  Step 1 

  • Go over your real estate goal, needs & wants
  • We’ll find out your financing options. In today's fast paced market, we need to show the proof of financing even if it is cash. Talk to a mortgage specialist or banker. Don't delay! 
  • It is very important to have the underwritten pre-approval letter from the beginning of the process. 

                     Step 2

We can identify the location, type of the house, features, and target price range. This is a good time to go over your lifestyle or any changes may come. If you are out of town, I'm happy to preview them and report back to you. When you choose, I'll prepare the offer. I pay attention to details and negotiate for you.

                  Step 3

Upon the acceptance of the offer, Buyer shall open the escrow in Due Dilligence period. (cancellation period)  In this period, Buyer shall:   
  • Aplly for the mortgage 
  • Order the home inspection
  • Order the appraisal  
Soon after the Due Dillience, Buyer is entitle to review the Re-Sale Package if the house is located in a CIC community. It's very important to stay on top of the contingencies according to Residential Purchase Agreement. We can scedule the final walk through and signing before closing.  You'll get the key to the house upon successful close of escrow. I hope to be a part of your exciting real estate purchase! Thank you. 

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